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A PCI Card and Software solution that converts a PC into a DVR "Digital Video Recorder" and lots, lots more......... “Easy to use PC Based CCTV system will display and record from 1 to 16 cameras. No tapes are required, applies constant recording or motion detection technology. Video footage is saved under file in ”AVI” format, time and date, accesses recorded events with ease View cameras anywhere in the world over a standard telephone line Dial in from your PC at home to view your office”. The PC-based Digital CCTV surveillance system allows you to connect cameras and display/record simultaneously on your PC. This system uses motion detection technology (without the need of separate sensor's) and may be configured to record only when images changes are detected, saves time and cost of continuous recording as in traditional CCTV Systems. Xtreme CCTV multi-channel video surveillance system that utilizes the most advance h.264 digital video compression technologies to bring you the highest picture quality and video performance. Up to 16 cameras can be connected and view live on a local monitor screen or thru TCP/IP network. Video can be recorded basing on specifiable schedules or motion detection. You can store video clips in HDD or any optical storage device by using our Backup System


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