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Which CCTV Camera to Choose

Security Cameras

Keeping your company safe and your workplace secure are big priorities for most companies. Implementing security cameras is a great way to minimize crime and malicious behaviour. Security cameras are a great way to catch violations of code and even employees' bad behaviour. If you're a home owner, keeping yourself and your family safe is high priority, and security cameras are just one of the ways to ensure a safe environment for your family. There are a number of different types of security cameras and they range from simpler to more deluxe models. Remember to identify why you need a camera and the purpose it will serve before you purchase a camera and system, because some are very complicated and serve a number of functions, while others are simpler and easier to use.

Pro Security Cameras

Professional Security Cameras are ideal for any and every purpose you might have. They can be mounted on ceiling brackets, on your wall, and indoors and outdoors. The professional line of security cameras, they are usually high resolution with clear, sharp image quality and detail. They come in black & white, colour and Day Night Models. Day Night cameras provide clear colour images under normal lighting and switch automatically to black and white in low light or complete darkness. SONY SuperHAD and SONY ExView HAD CCD image sensors are among the best CCTV modules for low light applications.

Bullet Security Cameras

Bullet Security Cameras are a special type of small, sleek camera that that is ideal for both indoor and outdoor installation. Sealed in cylinders and totally protected, they are impermeable to water and are totally weatherproof. Mountable on the ceiling or on the wall, they provide sharp, detailed video images while maintaining low profile visibility and an unobtrusive presence.

Dome Security Cameras

Dome security cameras are ideal for use in building entrances, stores, and shopping malls; in short, anywhere you want a 'fashionable' camera that is designed to blend into its surrounding environment. Prettier and more appealing than its cousins, a Dome Camera offers high security and an increased surveillance capacity because of its non-invasive qualities.

Infra-red Security Cameras

Infra-red Security cameras are designed for optimum security and especially increased protection at night. With Infra-red Security Cameras, you can see in total darkness, and they are great cameras for extremely low or non-lighted areas.

PTZ (Pan, Tilt, Zoom) and Controllable Cameras

PTZ and Controllable Cameras are designed to be controlled by remote or through a DVR. They have the ability to move up and down as well as right and left. You can pan, tilt, and zoom in or out. You have all the control you want over these cameras, and they provide excellent surveillance and security.

Mini, Board and Covert Cameras

Just as they sound, mini cameras are small, tiny cameras that come in wireless options and can be used for increased, quiet security. Board cameras are tiny mini cameras set in small, flat housing, and are also highly useful in situations calling for more security and extremely low visibility. A Covert Camera is just what it sounds like. Like the mini and board cameras, covert cameras are intended for use for those that need increased security and a totally unobtrusive camera.

What is an IP Camera?

Network IP Cameras

A Network IP Camera is a camera that provides live, full motion video to users from anywhere on the internet and from computer networks. It uses a standard web browser and is useful for a number of purposes. They are available as indoor or outdoor cameras and can be PTZ (Pan, Tilt, Zoom) Controllable and infra-red. They are applicable through a wired or wireless connection, and have their own IP address. One of the greatest assets of a Network IP Cameras is that it operates independently of a PC; all it needs is an IP network connection. You can monitor Network IP Cameras through available software that allows for multiple screen layouts and full screen display. Simultaneous connections for recording and monitoring without lag make monitoring the camera easy and efficient. With advanced audio, video and graphic information, Network IP Cameras are ideal security devices that are useful in practically any situation. Here are a multitude of different locations where Network IP Cameras may come in handy:

Banks and Financial Institutions

Banks and other similar institutions are ideal locations for Network IP Cameras. Not only can they be used to identify thieves and alert authorities when a crime is committed, but outside banks to monitor drive through tellers, ATM's, and parking lots.


Network IP Cameras can be used in homes that homes that use routers or switches to connect to a high-speed connection. The existing Network technology allows for the use of multiple monitors in different areas of the house. For example, parents can use motion detection to see when their children are coming and going and who is visiting their home while they are away.


Warehouses, Construction Sites, Retail Stores, Daycare Centres and more can use network cameras to monitor employees, work progress, safety, theft, vandalism, abuse, care, and a number of other functions.

Car Parks and Garages

Network cameras provide a greater degree of security for parking lots and garages, and can often use infrared technology at night. This allows visitors and employees to monitor cars in garages or parking lots and lets security personnel remain aware of real-time occurrences.

Hospitals and Clinics

Hospitals greatly benefit from Network IP cameras for a variety of reasons. They can monitor activity in high-risk areas like drug rooms, emergency rooms, paediatric departments, medical records, security offices, and pharmacies and more. This ensures a higher level of security and minimizes risks of theft, vandalism, and myriad other crimes.


Offices are another ideal location for Network IP Cameras. They can be used to monitor meeting attendance and increase the security of the workplace. Network cameras can also be used to monitor employees and prevent workplace theft and vandalism.

Research Facilities

Network IP Cameras are highly useful in research facilities as the researchers can facilitate and monitor experiments using the Internet or other in-house system, like the Intranet. They also provide a higher level of security and can record theft or vandalism of equipment and monitor several areas at once.

School Security

The benefits Network IP Cameras Provide to Schools are numerous. They enable security guards, police, teachers, principals, and remote security personnel to view campus activity 24 hours a day over the Internet, monitor students and staff in real time, and record theft or vandalism to school property.

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